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Taurus Millennium PT111 G2

This is a totally ambidextrous holster as you can see in the photos. Top photo is of actual holster showing the metal clip mounted on the right hand side and the plastic clip mounted on the left hand side, the bottom one is a description of how all of the holsters are made. This holster will fit the Taurus Millennium PT111 G2. It has as little holster sitting off the gun as possible to make is a comfy as possible. This holster can be worn at any position around the waist. It comes standard with the metal clip and you can add the plastic clip below.  The ulti-clip is great for those that don't wear belts all the time. To keep hardware secure make sure to Loctite all hardware, we don't pre-Locktite in house so it's easier for you to make the adjustments wanted until you've got the holster set to your specifications, if you don't have any you can add it (Vibratite) to cart below. Even though this is an ambidextrous holster let us know what hand you prefer and we'll ship it in that setting. Our holsters are made here in the USA out of USA materials, they are made of Kydex and carry 100% guarantee and a lifetime parts and craftsmanship warranty.

Taurus Millennium PT111 G2
Vibratite (with holster purchase)
Plastic Clip (with holster purchase)
Ulti-clip (with holster purchase)
Metal clip (with holster purchase)