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SC Concealed Weapons Permit Classes

**Class and Indoor Range in same location**

We have been teaching SC CWP classes since 2008 and have had over 3 thousand students come through our SC CWP classes. We strive to keep up with all the SC laws and cases dealing with it. The laws tend to be a bit gray on the surface and we strive to stay up to date on all the legal aspects to keep our students informed and safe not only physically but legally as well.

Class sign up click here

SC CWP class

(One Day Class)

$65 per person

$55 each for 2 or more

Gun rental with ammo is only $15

$50 for all Veterans, Active Military, National Guard, and Retired LEO's

**Payment due in class, please bring cash**

***There is no longer a $50 SLED (State) fee. The only fee you have is the class fee! 

The electronic fingerprinting and processing is free to students as well***

***Do Not bring a loaded firearm in the classroom. Bring your firearm in unloaded with 50 rounds of ammo. If you have a holster, eye and electronic hearing protection you may bring it or you can use ours..***

**If you do not have a firearm you can rent ours for $15 which includes ammo.

Indoor climate controlled class and range so we hold our classes all year long rain or shine, cold or hot you'll be comfortable in the class and range.

SLED Class Requirements

  1. Statutory and case law regarding deadly force
  2. SC Laws governing firearms and concealed weapons permits
  3. Proper firearms storage practices that deny access to children
  4. Prohibited carry locations
  5. Liability and responsibility issues relating to firearms
  6. Proper interaction with Law Enforcement Officers
  7. The four Cardinal firearms safety rules
  8. Handgun safety, manipulation, and operation
  9. Basic handgun marksmanship
  10. Proper concealment techniques and drawing from concealment
  11. Live fire Qualification on the range with the instructor

**Our SC CWP Class is a 1 day class that starts at 9 am**

**Veterans / Disabled Veterans / Retired LEO click HERE for more info**

Whether you're a beginner or experienced shooter we cover everything you need to know and more in our classes to get you started carrying a concealed weapon.

All of the above is covered in class and our classes also include:

  • law packet
  • application packet
  • ALL paperwork filled out in class
  • photocopies
  • Pre-addressed envelope
  • Snacks
  • Refreshments
  • Coffee

What you need for Class:

  • Drivers License (Address on DL must match current address before sending in to SLED)
  • Class Fee:$65 per student or $55 each for 2 or more.
  • Dress comfortably for the day (The classroom is set at comfortable temp for our students, our range is indoor and is climate controlled as well).
  • Firearm and 50 rounds of ammo.


  • Drivers license (Address on DL must match current address before sending in to SLED)
  • DD214 or active orders. You don't have to have them for class but you will need them to send in to SLED
  • Class Fee: $50 per student

**Make sure to clean and lube your firearm before you bring it to class.

If you have never fired a handgun or you bought one and you have never cleaned and lubed it you will need to rent our firearm. If you have borrowed someone's firearm and are not familiar with it or not sure when it was last cleaned and lubed you will need to rent ours. If you can't remember the last time you cleaned and lubed your firearm you will need to rent ours. This is to insure a safe and proper working firearm is being used with a reduced chance of malfunctions.

**Firearm rental is only $10 and that includes ammo. 

After the class: 

There is no SLED fee for students taking the class after August 15th, 2021

Digitally Processed 

  • There is no charge for this service.
  • You'll go online to, click on the digital fingerprinting portion, select schedule a new appointment, select CWP application, select new application, follow the instruction and make an appointment to one of several Identogo locations and have your fingerprints and packet digitally processed.
  • You can set up the appointment before you take the class but must wait until you take the class to go to them. They process your fingerprints and paperwork digitally and it sends directly to SLED. Students that take the class after August 15th 2021 will have no charge to them for this service. This is a much faster and simpler way in the long run and we highly suggest going this route. 


We provide snacks and refreshments to our students. If you need to eat a meal during the class you can bring a "bag" lunch and eat during the class.

**Indoor climate controlled classroom and range**

Our class and range are in the same location!

Stay Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer!

Range Time

Our range time is done on a 1 on 1 basis. We have a one lane closed door range that holds 1 student and instructor at a time. This makes it easier for the instructor to make sure our students are handling the firearm properly and safely, and makes sure student is confident and competent with the firearm.

State Law:

SLED shall promulgate regulations containing general guidelines for courses and qualifications for instructors which would satisfy the requirements of this item. For purposes of subitems (a) and (c), 'proof of training' is not satisfied unless the organization and its instructors meet or exceed the guidelines and qualifications contained in the regulations promulgated by SLED pursuant to this item.

We offer Gift Certificates!

If interested email us and we'll set it up.

We complete ALL of your paper work in class to make getting your CWP as easy as possible!

Our classroom and range are in the same location and are both completed in the same day.

No experience needed, in depth class and hands on range training. Even if you've never fired a handgun you'll be able to safely handle and fire one by the end of class.

A Little About the Class

We have been teaching CWP classes since 2008. Our CWP classes are taught based on the NRA basic pistol instructions with a huge emphasis on SAFETY! We approach the class as though students have never worked with pistols. This approach ensures that everyone receives all the information they need to safely utilize pistols.You will be taught everything you need to know about handling, carrying, cleaning, storing, and using the pistol safely even in a defensive situation. You will know the SC Gun Laws and how to carry your firearm legally with your CWP. We instruct on what you need to know about defending yourselves, 21ft rule, tunnel vision, utilizing perceptive regression, ballistics, stopping power (what's hype & what's not), where to shoot, where not to shoot, and what you need to do to prepare for the courtroom if it comes to a trial. It is not only our job but our personal goal to make sure you are confident and proficient in handling and carrying your firearm!

We have a 6ft x 8ft projector screen set up with power point with lots of slides, pics and videos to help in instruction so you will get the most out of the classes. We provide you with a SC CWP packet with all the CWP laws and more. 

Pay online

Our Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) classes are held in Anderson SC at a very convenient location. Our classroom and range are indoor and climate controlled at the same location so you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter and don't have to go to 2 different places. We run our classes rain, shine, hot, or cold!

We strive to make obtaining your CWP as easy, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible

Exodus 22:2-3

2 If a thief is found breaking in and is struck so that he dies, there shall be no bloodguilt for him, but if the sun has risen on him, there shall be bloodguilt for him.