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LUKE 22:36

"Let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one".

Kids Gun Safety

One of the most important things you can do as a gun owner is to teach your children gun safety. We suggest you start them out with the Eddie Eagle videos, Stop, Don't touch, Leave the area, Tell an adult when they are very young. Below we have 2 of the videos you can show to your child and we suggest you show them when they're young and show them often. As gun owners we have to take responsibility and keep our kids safe and educate them. The first video is the older cartoon version and the second is the newer 3d animation.

If your child is old enough to sit through the CWP class they are welcome to sit in with you. They just need to be able to sit quietly for a full day. We have had a few come through and have really enjoyed the class from ages 9 and up. We don't limit the age to 9 but this is the youngest that has sat though one. If you don't think your child is old enough yet, once you take the class you can come back with them for a refresher course so they can sit in on one. Our goal is to educate as many children in safety as we can but find it hard to get people to come to kids classes and have found that showing them the videos young and often works well with the parents and then bringing them to a full CWP class that covers a lot of safety helps them hear it from someone else. Please let us know if you have a child and plan to bring them with you so we can we can be prepared.