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  Luke 22:36 "Let the one who has no sword sell his coat and buy one."

Concealed/Open Carry Holsters

If you have any questions about our holsters, please email us at [email protected]

Universal Waistband Holster

All of our holsters are handmade right here in Anderson, South Carolina by us and we use American made materials on them. We ship to the lower 48 states only at this time. Our Universal waistband holsters are made so they will fit both IWB (in the waistband), OWB (outside the waistband) left- and right-hand users. This way you can order one holster and literally wear it anywhere around your waste. They have as little holster sitting off the gun as possible to keep it as comfortable as possible while employing ergonomic features to help conceal the gun. All of our holsters include a belt wing with 2 different sized risers, and 2 metal retention clips shown in the pics and video below, no need to add anything because it's all included with the holster.  Each holster will be shaped a little different depending on model. They come with a lifetime warranty that covers defects in the materials and craftsmanship of the holster. They come with 2 metal clips if you don't wear belts you can purchase the ulti-clip with the holster at time of purchase. 

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IWB holster, OWB holster, Lefthand holster, righthand holster
Universal Waistband Holster
Light bearing options
Optic hood Options
Optic hood & Light bearing options


"I really appreciate the latest holster I got from you and the adjustments it has. It is definitely my favorite and it is super comfortable to wear all day long. It stays tight against my body and doesn't get in the way. I am really super happy with it, more so than I expected."

J. Carroll

"This holster fit well, feels good, and conceals my P365 well."

E. Peterson

"This holster is more comfortable than my others for my S&W Bodyguard."

M. Justice

"I really like this holster for OWB carry of my Hellcat."

T. Jones

"These holsters work well."

R. Hartnett

"The holster fits and fells good after adjusting it to my preference."

A. Gianni