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LUKE 22:36

"Let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one".

Concealed Carry Holsters

If you have any questions about our holsters please email us at [email protected]

Ambidextrous Minimalist IWB holster

All of our holsters are hand made right here in South Carolina. We use all American made materials on them. Our IWB holsters are made so they will fit both left and right hand users. This way you can order one holster and literally wear it anywhere around your waste. They have as little holster sitting off the gun as possible to keep it as comfortable as possible while employing ergonomic features to help conceal the gun. They come with a lifetime warranty for the materials and craftsmanship of the holster. We offer either a plastic clip or a metal clip with the holster and if you don't wear belts you can purchase the ulti-clip below. Please watch our video about this holster for a better description of them and the design. Please see video for more info. Thanks for looking!