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  Luke 22:36 "Let the one who has no sword sell his coat and buy one."

Church Safety / Security Training

We offer several classes for Church Safety / Security teams, focusing on small to medium sized teams. 1-20 member teams is where we specialize. If you're a mega church you need to have licensed armed security and paid police at the facility at all times services are open. We have a intro class that goes over pretty much everything that will get you started in the right direction to have a solid foundation in establishing a good Safety team. We also offer taking out the shooter training on the virtual range. We also have a De-escalation training that will help you to de-escalate the situation before it becomes a situation. Your organization will be kept anonymous for security reasons. When you sign up we set a date and time and the only ones that know who is there will be your team, and us. We understand the importance for some teams keeping things anonymous, If you want to make a post about your organization training you can but we will not post anything about your team, nor take any pictures of you and your team, unless it's requested. 

Below is an introduction to Church Safety / Security. This video covers a LOT of information. Watch it, take notes, and incorporate what you can in your congregation to help keep the Flock safe.

Safety Team Intro:

This is a 4-5 hr session going over what is all needed to form a great safety / security team, and getting into some role playing as well as base line reaction times using your firearm with a laser cartridge on the virtual shooting range. Even though we call this an intro class it's by far basic, it covers a the whole realm of church safety and security. This class covers the whole realm of what a safety team should do, not just active shooters, although we go over that as well. We go over what the team, teachers, and members should do to keep the Church safe. The goal is to prevent anything from happening in the first place and we cover everything needed to help you succeed in just that. You'll be able to go back to your Church and set up a good safety team plan and start implementing it immediately. This can be done at your location if you have a way to run power point or it can be done at our facility. Inquire Here

Keeping Evil at Bay:

This is a great session that covers de-escalation, and preventing situations in the first place. We go over tactics, and security resources, that you can utilize to get a handle on a situation before something goes down. Whether that is a kidnapping, physical altercation, or shooting. We cover different real world scenarios that have happened, or were prevented and how they did it. We highly suggest taking the intro class before this class. There's a lot of things that are gone over that can be implemented that will help this drastically reduce the likelihood of a situation. We believe in compassionate de-escalation at the start of every situation. We also believe that the mission of the safety team is to handle every situation with care. Not only for their safety but the safety of everyone around them even the ones doing the disturbing. This class is held out your location using your building to have better real world scenarios for your team.

Inquire Here

Safety Team Taking out the shooter:

This is a 4-5 hr session that gets your baseline stats with your gun using the laser cartridge, will then move to our laser guns utilizing the Virtual range and getting you thinking and reacting under some stress. This is a very interactive class, we have a lot of role playing and a lot of virtual range time. There's shoot no shoot stages, some fundamental building games, and more. We make it as real as we can on the actual shooter stages in the program with added stressors. We will no doubt have some fun and laughs. This is Done at our location in Anderson, SC. Inquire Here

About the instructor:

Spencer Brewster has been in Church security / safety team settings for a decade, was an on the road EMT for 5 years, and worked in Asset protection for 24+ years. With this includes many training sessions with other groups and lots of experience. He's been in over 400 court cases and every case had an incident attached to it. He's learned how to and how not to approach situations, which he hopes to be able to pass that along to others.