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Mass Shootings & Gun Control

Posted on October 2, 2015 at 12:27 PM
Mass Shootings and Gun Control

     There's been a recent spike in mass shootings from some very sick and misguided individuals in the US in the recent years. When a shooting occurs everybody starts jumping up and down demanding that something be done to stop these horrific acts. They typically start calling for gun control and more laws that will stop this sort of thing. Well, there's a few things they haven't taken the time to consider. 
     #1- We already have laws on the books that you have to pass background checks to purchase a firearm. You also have to be old enough to purchase a firearm. The sad part about it is out of all the thousands of individuals that broke this law and were caught they got a slap on the wrist at most and was told not to do it again. What good are the laws we have if you aren't going to give a punishment that will deter people from committing them in the first place.
    #2- The criminal that committed these crimes broke most is not all the laws that are on the books to obtain the firearms and took them to a place where it's a crime to take them too. What makes you think that one more law will stop them from doing so? I always here if we outlawed firearms all together we wouldn't have this problem. If this is your thoughts on the matter you need to educate yourself. One word for you: METH... It's outlawed and possibly the easiest street drug you can obtain.
     #3- If you do a criminal study you'll see that they pick what we call soft targets. This means they will pick the easiest place to attack so they'll be able to accomplish their goals. They know that if a place has a lot of armed citizens they will be met with resistance and can't reach their goal and will be cut short. Most criminals want easy targets because they know that's the only way to either kill as many as they can or they'll accomplish their crime and get away. 
    #4- In almost all of these places except for one recently all of the law abiding citizens new it was illegal for them to carry a firearm in these places so guess what, They obeyed the law and we unarmed. But yet we still hear everybody calling for more laws... Law abiding citizens aren't the problem and shouldn't be punished for it.
    #5- We responsible gun owners want the same thing that you do. We want this evil to be put in it's place and stopped and are actually willing to do something about it. Get rid of your "gun free zones" aka "criminal safety zones" and arm your teaches and allow your students that have permits to carry to school. Nothing more will happen with legally armed students and teachers than is happening now. In fact once criminals realize they'll be met with force they'll find another soft target. The difference between those of us law abiding legal gun owning citizens and anti-gun people is that we're willing to stand up and take responsibility and protect ourselves, loved ones, and everybody else around us. The anti-gun crowd would rather cower in a corner and call someone else with a gun to come protect them. The only person responsible for your safety is you. Man up...
     #6- If we took proactive steps towards protecting ourselves and these places we wouldn't be reacting to them. If you or someone nearby is armed, trained, and willing to engage an active shooter we will stop the shooting a lot sooner, and will start seeing less shootings happen. 
     #7- We've done it the way of adding laws and restricting law abiding citizens in what they can and cannot own and guess what. It hasn't worked and has gotten worse. How about we take the restrictions away, arm more law abiding citizens, punish the criminals more severe and watch these types of crimes decline. It is true that a criminal commits less crime once their shot, and once you have so many being shot by law abiding citizens they'll start to think twice before they commit these crimes. This is the only way you're going to accomplish the task of stopping these crimes.
     Our founding fathers were extremely smart when it came to having ways to protect ourselves from criminals and a tyrannical government that they made it law of the land so that they can't just come and take our arms. Living under this law there will always be firearms here in America and yes criminals will always be able to get them some way some how. We must take a stand and fight back. Until we're allowed to do so this won't stop and will only get worse.

Stay Safe, Stay Armed.

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