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  Luke 22:36 "Let the one who has no sword sell his coat and buy one."


Concealed Carry Mentality

Posted on August 27, 2015 at 8:52 AM
     We have a lot of people think we're either paranoid or just plain crazy for carrying a gun everywhere we go and if you're like me I have mine on even at home. There is a certain mindset that concealed carriers have or develop over time. It is basically the same mindset that a biker (motorcycle rider) has.
     A seasoned biker lives by the saying of "it's not if, it's when will I drop/lay down the bike". This basically means that they know they'll come a time that either they will lay the bike down or be hit by a car, etc. This mentality keeps the biker very situationally aware and vigilant because the last thing we want is to get hurt while doing something we enjoy doing. We also don't want to mess up the bike. I can say I have dropped several bikes over the years and still know that the next time out it could happen again. Does this mean I'm going to stay at home and not ride? No. We're going to put our leather jacket, jeans, boots, gloves, and helmets on and go enjoy the ride. We wear the protective gear for a reason. 
     A few years back I was riding my sport bike in the mountains on 173 in SC and low sided the bike which made me have to jump off the bike and hope for the best. Well, having my full leather suit on and helmet I got one small bruise on my back. The protective gear done it's job and I made it home to be able to ride some more.
     We need the same mentality while driving a vehicle as well. We have too many people that ride around talking or texting thinking it can't happen to them until it does. I actually pulled up on a scene and the lady said to me "this doesn't happen to me". I looked a her and said obviously it does and it will again with that mentality.
     We as concealed carriers have basically the same mentality and should as the bikers. It's not if I'll get robbed, mugged, raped, attacked, etc. It's when. With a violent crime happening every 25.3 seconds in the US it is highly likely that YOU may be next. It doesn't matter how rich or poor you are, what race or sex. People are evil and will attack you if you and they are in the same place when they decide to strike. We must stay aware and vigilant in our protection. Always carry your gun, train with it, and keep siuationally aware. When will the criminal attack and get the upper hand? When you drop your guard. 
     We live in a time that crime is being fueled by our government, and race baiters. They are not making it easier for us to take a stand. Crime is happening more and more and we as law abiding citizens must protect ourselves and loved ones.
     If you don't have a gun get one, learn how to use it and get your CWP. Carry it and protect yourself and loved ones.

Stay Safe, Stay Armed 

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