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LUKE 22:36

"Let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one".


About Me

Posted on June 27, 2015 at 12:19 PM
Well, the first thing I need to throw out there is I'm a terrible writer. I write how I speak and there's nothing eloquent about it. I'm southern and I know it shows but if you can get past that hopefully you may find some good information in the rest of my blogs / reviews.

I am first and foremost a Christian, a husband, I have no kids but have 5 animals so I figure that's close enough. 

I take teaching / instructing armed self defense very seriously even though I'm not a hard core one way instructor. I do realize that everybody is different and not everything that works for me works the same for everybody else. We must adapt skill sets to our unique individual needs. 

We must also adapt guns, caliber, ways of carry etc. I have my caliber preference, holster and holster position preferences, gun preferences, drawing preference, shooting stance preference, etc. 

We are all different and unique and must adapt this to our everyday lives and carry in a way we can be comfortable with. Now, when I say comfortable I don't particularly mean that the gun and holster is going to be comfortable at first. It will take some getting used to. What I mean by being comfortable is that we are able to carry concealed legally, draw the gun fast enough to be effective, be able to handle the gun we've chosen effectively hitting the target in the right spots. So If I say I'm comfortable with my set up it means that I'm confident enough with it that I believe that if I'm attacked I'll be able to stop the attack with my set up.

I am a firm believer in the Bible and the Constitution. I believe we must follow them both very strictly. However, I don't condemn others for their beliefs. I believe in the whole Constitution especially the 2nd Amendment. I'll have to write another blog just on it because I believe the 2nd amendment for what it means and not what the right nor left is telling me it means. For the most part neither ever gets it right. 

What gets to me most is when an innocent life is taken and there were ways to have stopped it. Whether it's an accident due to a firearm being left out unloaded for a 3 yr old child to get to, or when an evil person walks into a church and shoots a bunch of people. Both can be stopped by common sense use of safety rules, or by legally armed citizens defending themselves. 

Do I believe in Common Sense Gun Control? YES
Common since being that if you're being attacked you have enough common sense to pull and control your gun while shooting to stop the attacker. Anything less than this is not common sense, it's either ignorance or someone wants control over people. 

I hope this had given some insight to me and what some of my beliefs are. 

Stay armed, stay safe


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