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ASG Bersa BP9cc Airsoft Blowback Gun

Posted on June 26, 2015 at 4:48 PM
I just received my officially licensed ASG Bersa BP9cc blowback CO2 powered airsoft gun. The only size difference in this gun and the real one is the height is 5.12 inches due to the magazine had to be longer to hide the CO2 cartridge screw handle. The rest is about as close to it as you can get. The magazine releases the same as the real one but the magazine itself is a lot smaller, It's just long and very skinny. 

As you can see in the pic this airsoft is very close to the real gun. In fact the weight of the guns are very close. I'll post some comparison pics below so you can see just how close they are. The noticible difference here is of course the orange tip and the bottom of the magazine sticking out more. This is only to conceal the CO2 cartridge screw. 

I have been using airsoft trainers for a few years now and finally found one that matches my edc handgun. The size and feel of this handgun is very close, definitely close enough for some good practice building the muscle memory for the real gun. 

This gun loads a bit different than my actual trainers. This one you have to install a CO2 cartridge which is good for around 100 rounds of ammo. To install you remove the magazine, and back of the grip and the install the cartridge, It's really pretty simple and well made.  The CO2 cartridge and bbs run around $0.75 per 100 rounds. You read it right, .75 cents per 100 rounds of ammo. Good, cheap, safe shooting. 

The firearm is very accurate out to 7 yards, and starts to rise at 10 yards. If you're gonna practice at 10 yards or more you'll need to keep that in mind and adjust. I kept my practice at 7 yards which is 21 feet and far enough away for defense training. I'll use my actual BP9cc for 10+ yards training. At 5 yards I was hitting the same hole for the most part and at 7 yards having good 1 inch shot groups. Keep in mind this was in my personal indoor range with no wind and aiming. Very pleased with the accuracy of the firearm for close armed defense training. 

This is a blow back airsoft gun the does rack back like a real gun for recoil purposes. It unfortunately only racks back about 3/4 of an inch though. It does have adjustable muzzle flip that I could get it to kick about like a 22lr handgun. It's not much but recoil doesn't matter much for that first shot which is what I us the airsoft guns for mostly anyway. 

The Magazine holds 16 rounds which is twice the capacity of the real gun so you'll either need to load only 8 or try to count shots. I typically load only 8 if I'm doing force on force or multiple shot training. However, I typically only draw and fire one shot to build muscle memory and speed.

The trigger pull on this gun is a hair more than the real thing and not quite as smooth. I haven't looked to see if I can adjust it or not but it really isn't by much. Maybe a pound more which would put it at about 4 pounds so it should throw me off any.  

My main focus with the gun today was drawing from my concealment holster timing it with a shot timer for the iphone to time my draw time. I holstered the gun in my Tuff products appendix carry behind the cell phone holster. I must say I was able to gain some good time with bout 100 rounds of drawing and firing 1 shot. I started out at about 1.35 seconds and was able to get the last 30 at an average of about 1.20 seconds. My best was 1.08, worst at 1.41, and many in the 1.15-1.17 realm. Very pleased with today's practice. It helped to build my drawing skills safely and faster that what I had been doing. At 7 yards I point shoot only, no aiming when I draw my firearm at this distance. If I took the time to aim it would be a bit slower. This is another great use is to build your point shooting up with the gun. Practicing point shooting is a must, you probably won't have time to aim in a defensive situation. 

The draw back to this gun is recoil. It is nowhere near the recoil of my 9mm but it does give some recoil for effect. I can say the less recoil the less likely you'll flinch. I have noticed that when I train with others I can get the flinch out of them and when they fire the first shot with their real gun they won't flinch. So, the low recoil has it's pro's and cons. I however do believe you need training with your real firearm for the recoil purposes with follow up shots etc. 

At a price tag of about $80 shipped to my door I am very pleased with this purchase and am going to put it to great use in my everyday training. I'm hoping to get my draw shot time under 1 second. It'll take some practice but I'll get there even if it takes a few thousand rounds. With it only costing 75 cent per 100 rounds I can afford to practice a lot. I figured It payed for itself today in the way of ammo. I could get about 300 rounds of cheap 9mm target ammo and I probably went through that today setting it up and getting a feel for it before I started timed drawing and shot placement. 

Below are some pictures with the airsoft and real BP9cc for comparison.  


As you can see these guns are very close in size and looks. You can tell mine has more holster wear but probably not for long. The top left is of the airsoft on bottom as is the pic to the left. You can see most everything is the same size.  

If you're looking for a great way to train and have a BP9cc this is a great option for you. It will help you in many was to build up your shot placement, speed, and muscle memory. It will also be great in force on force training. 

Stay Armed, Stay Safe.

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