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  Luke 22:36 "Let the one who has no sword sell his coat and buy one."


Crossbreed Appendix Holster

Posted on July 1, 2015 at 11:32 AM Comments comments (96)
This is a video review of the Crossbreed appendix holster.

They make these for both semi-auto and revolvers.

Corrective Shooting Targets

Posted on July 1, 2015 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (160)
We are all looking for ways to enhance our training to make us a better marksman, or we should be anyway. There are so many different tools at our disposal it gets hard to choose from at times. These tools range from free to thousands of dollars. 

We train or target practice and either get bored or frustrated with it because we aren't getting the results that we're looking for so we either quit or go out looking for another gun, etc. I will say that a LOT of people go out and buy a gun because it looks cool or it's what everybody else recommends and it may not be right for them. 

Whether it's too much caliber or recoil or the gun is just too small to control when first starting to shoot it, there are tools we have that we can use to become better marksmen with them.

Not to take away from the more expensive training aids available to us that have there place in training and do help tremendously there are free or almost free tools as well. We use corrective shooting targets to help aid in our training. They make both left and right handed targets and we suggest everybody use both and practice with your weak and dominant hands, two handed and single handed. You never know when you might be attacked and your dominant hand is taken out. Below are photos of the targets.

As you can see with these targets they actually show you what you're doing wrong so you don't have to guess and just get frustrated in the process. I have been using these targets for about 10 years now and they helped me and have helped my students tremendously over the years. 

We give them out to our students and they can take them and make copies of them so the only cost is the cost to copy them. 

I suggest starting at 5 yards until you're able to shoot out the center triangle and then move back a couple large steps, do the same and move back, etc. This will build your marksmanship up to the point you're comfortable and confident with it to defend yourself.

Our targets also have the survival 5's drill on them. The survival 5's gets you to the confident point to defend yourself in an attack. Place your target at 5 yards, holster your gun with 5 rounds. Having someone time you or download a free shot timer, draw and fire 5 rounds at the target aiming at the center. If you can put all 5 shots within the 5" circle marked on the target within 5 seconds at 5 yards you should feel confident enough to defend yourself in an attack. 

This is the typical overall rule of thumb most firearms trainers go by. This drill has helped my students and myself tremendously over the years. It will build your point shooting, draw speed, shot placement, and confidence in being able to defend yourself very quickly. 

Stay Safe, Stay Armed. 

Ituck Appendix holster

Posted on July 1, 2015 at 10:18 AM Comments comments (107)
Here is a short video review of the Tuff Products Ituck Appendix holster.

This holster will fit both semi-auto and revolvers.

Shot Timer App

Posted on June 29, 2015 at 5:08 PM Comments comments (96)
Here is a small review of a free shot timer app you can download to your phone. I do apologize for the low lighting in the range. We shoot more low light than anything and I didn't have any of the other back lighting set up at the time. 

I'm very pleased with the free shot timer for our training purposes. It has helped me improve my draw from concealment time by .2 seconds with just a few hundred practice runs. You may be thinking this is a lot but you can go through a few hundred runs in an hour or so. You may also be thinking that's only .2 of a second, but you never know when that .2 will be the difference between life and death. 

Make sure to keep checking back for more videos and blogs.  

"Patrol" gun belt by Alpha Omega Gun Belts

Posted on June 27, 2015 at 11:24 AM Comments comments (333)
I have had this gun belt by Alpha Omega gun belts for several months now and feel it's to the point where it's broken in enough that I can give a review on it. 

Here is the excerpt from their website:


"This belt is for the law enforcement community,or if you just happen to like black belts. Dyed black and polished to a shine. This belt will not only look great, but will give you unparalleled performance in the field. Made from 2 layers of premium American veg-tan leather from Hermann-Oak Tannery that are glued and hand stitched together for unsurpassed strength and reliability. This thing is 1/4"+ thick and 1 1/2" wide! Comes with HEAVY DUTY brushed nickel buckle. IDPA LEGAL!"

The owner actually lives near us and I know him personally but am going to keep this review at just that a review.

The belt I have is the one listed above and I have a cross stamped at the end of it which is pretty cool. It won't be seen by many since I typically keep my shirt un-tucked but I do tuck it in occasionally. 

I was wearing either a nylon military style belt or a single layer leather belt. Both of which did their job and did it pretty well or so I thought at the time. I really didn't notice that I had to pull my pants up a lot and I had to keep them so tight to keep everything held up I didn't realize how uncomfortable it was. I also didn't realize that they would both lean out causing more discomfort and what ever I had on at the time to stick out more than I wanted it to.

I started wearing this belt as soon as I received it. I'm going to tell you this is one stiff belt when you get it, just like a brand new pair of good leather work boots. It does have a break in period. When I first put it on I tried to pull it as tight as I had been doing with the other belts but that was way too uncomfortable. I had to loosen it up a notch so it didn't dig into the top of my hip bones. Once I did loosen it up it did feel a lot better. I was however a little worried about it sagging since I didn't have it tight enough to keep it up, or so I thought.

This belt doesn't have to be super tight to stay up, it just needs to be snug around your waist and it's sturdy enough to hold your pants up without being so tight it's digging in and cutting off your circulation. 

With my other belts the more stuff I added the tighter I had to go and even then I had to keep pulling the belt up. Not with this one, I can put all my daily edc gear on and it has no problems. My gear consist of gun w/holster, multi-tool, and 2 extra mags. This belt has no problems holding the weight up and it distributes it so you have a good feel and don't feel off balance. My others did not, you could feel one side sagging and had to keep pulling up at it. 

I am very pleased with the belt and it will last for many, many years. It even comes with a care kit and instructions on how to take care of it to get the most out of it. 

If you're not happy with your current belt you should definitely check this company out. They have several colors to choose from and you won't have to buy another belt for a very long time. Whether you're a police officer, ems worker, fireman, or concealed carrier you won't be disappointed with this belt. 

The company stands behind their craftsmanship as well and takes pride in their work. Go check them out:

The first 3 pictures are of my belt and the other 2 below are of the other colors you can choose from. 

Overall these belts are some of the nicest I've seen. They will do whatever you need them to do and probably much more. I could add a lot more to mine with no problems. They are definitely worth it and you'll save money in the long run and will be much happier with the way they carry.