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  Luke 22:36 "Let the one who has no sword sell his coat and buy one."


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Muscle Memory Monday #2

Posted on November 9, 2015 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (2)

Muscle Memory Monday #1

Posted on November 9, 2015 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (3)
We have started a series on building muscle memory for point shooting.

Mass Shootings & Gun Control

Posted on October 2, 2015 at 12:27 PM Comments comments (96)
Mass Shootings and Gun Control

     There's been a recent spike in mass shootings from some very sick and misguided individuals in the US in the recent years. When a shooting occurs everybody starts jumping up and down demanding that something be done to stop these horrific acts. They typically start calling for gun control and more laws that will stop this sort of thing. Well, there's a few things they haven't taken the time to consider. 
     #1- We already have laws on the books that you have to pass background checks to purchase a firearm. You also have to be old enough to purchase a firearm. The sad part about it is out of all the thousands of individuals that broke this law and were caught they got a slap on the wrist at most and was told not to do it again. What good are the laws we have if you aren't going to give a punishment that will deter people from committing them in the first place.
    #2- The criminal that committed these crimes broke most is not all the laws that are on the books to obtain the firearms and took them to a place where it's a crime to take them too. What makes you think that one more law will stop them from doing so? I always here if we outlawed firearms all together we wouldn't have this problem. If this is your thoughts on the matter you need to educate yourself. One word for you: METH... It's outlawed and possibly the easiest street drug you can obtain.
     #3- If you do a criminal study you'll see that they pick what we call soft targets. This means they will pick the easiest place to attack so they'll be able to accomplish their goals. They know that if a place has a lot of armed citizens they will be met with resistance and can't reach their goal and will be cut short. Most criminals want easy targets because they know that's the only way to either kill as many as they can or they'll accomplish their crime and get away. 
    #4- In almost all of these places except for one recently all of the law abiding citizens new it was illegal for them to carry a firearm in these places so guess what, They obeyed the law and we unarmed. But yet we still hear everybody calling for more laws... Law abiding citizens aren't the problem and shouldn't be punished for it.
    #5- We responsible gun owners want the same thing that you do. We want this evil to be put in it's place and stopped and are actually willing to do something about it. Get rid of your "gun free zones" aka "criminal safety zones" and arm your teaches and allow your students that have permits to carry to school. Nothing more will happen with legally armed students and teachers than is happening now. In fact once criminals realize they'll be met with force they'll find another soft target. The difference between those of us law abiding legal gun owning citizens and anti-gun people is that we're willing to stand up and take responsibility and protect ourselves, loved ones, and everybody else around us. The anti-gun crowd would rather cower in a corner and call someone else with a gun to come protect them. The only person responsible for your safety is you. Man up...
     #6- If we took proactive steps towards protecting ourselves and these places we wouldn't be reacting to them. If you or someone nearby is armed, trained, and willing to engage an active shooter we will stop the shooting a lot sooner, and will start seeing less shootings happen. 
     #7- We've done it the way of adding laws and restricting law abiding citizens in what they can and cannot own and guess what. It hasn't worked and has gotten worse. How about we take the restrictions away, arm more law abiding citizens, punish the criminals more severe and watch these types of crimes decline. It is true that a criminal commits less crime once their shot, and once you have so many being shot by law abiding citizens they'll start to think twice before they commit these crimes. This is the only way you're going to accomplish the task of stopping these crimes.
     Our founding fathers were extremely smart when it came to having ways to protect ourselves from criminals and a tyrannical government that they made it law of the land so that they can't just come and take our arms. Living under this law there will always be firearms here in America and yes criminals will always be able to get them some way some how. We must take a stand and fight back. Until we're allowed to do so this won't stop and will only get worse.

Stay Safe, Stay Armed.

Concealed Carry Mentality

Posted on August 27, 2015 at 8:52 AM Comments comments (2)
     We have a lot of people think we're either paranoid or just plain crazy for carrying a gun everywhere we go and if you're like me I have mine on even at home. There is a certain mindset that concealed carriers have or develop over time. It is basically the same mindset that a biker (motorcycle rider) has.
     A seasoned biker lives by the saying of "it's not if, it's when will I drop/lay down the bike". This basically means that they know they'll come a time that either they will lay the bike down or be hit by a car, etc. This mentality keeps the biker very situationally aware and vigilant because the last thing we want is to get hurt while doing something we enjoy doing. We also don't want to mess up the bike. I can say I have dropped several bikes over the years and still know that the next time out it could happen again. Does this mean I'm going to stay at home and not ride? No. We're going to put our leather jacket, jeans, boots, gloves, and helmets on and go enjoy the ride. We wear the protective gear for a reason. 
     A few years back I was riding my sport bike in the mountains on 173 in SC and low sided the bike which made me have to jump off the bike and hope for the best. Well, having my full leather suit on and helmet I got one small bruise on my back. The protective gear done it's job and I made it home to be able to ride some more.
     We need the same mentality while driving a vehicle as well. We have too many people that ride around talking or texting thinking it can't happen to them until it does. I actually pulled up on a scene and the lady said to me "this doesn't happen to me". I looked a her and said obviously it does and it will again with that mentality.
     We as concealed carriers have basically the same mentality and should as the bikers. It's not if I'll get robbed, mugged, raped, attacked, etc. It's when. With a violent crime happening every 25.3 seconds in the US it is highly likely that YOU may be next. It doesn't matter how rich or poor you are, what race or sex. People are evil and will attack you if you and they are in the same place when they decide to strike. We must stay aware and vigilant in our protection. Always carry your gun, train with it, and keep siuationally aware. When will the criminal attack and get the upper hand? When you drop your guard. 
     We live in a time that crime is being fueled by our government, and race baiters. They are not making it easier for us to take a stand. Crime is happening more and more and we as law abiding citizens must protect ourselves and loved ones.
     If you don't have a gun get one, learn how to use it and get your CWP. Carry it and protect yourself and loved ones.

Stay Safe, Stay Armed 

Shot Placement

Posted on July 27, 2015 at 1:26 PM Comments comments (1)
     Within the realm of defending yourself with a firearm against an attacker there are a few things one needs to know before they're put in that situation. One of these is shot placement, or where to shoot your attacker at. There are a few myths or misconceptions that go along with this as well. 
     When you're training on the range you tend to shoot either the chest, head, or both depending on the way you think or have been trained. The term for shooting an attacker is that you aim for center of mass (COM). The center of the largest visible part of the attackers body because you have more room for error. 

     The center of mass is typically in the center of the chest right in the sternum. A lot of people think that they'll stop if they hit the heart or lungs, or just because they've been shot. This is more times untrue than true. Most of your attackers are going to be on meth or some other type of "upper" drug that makes them "super human". 

     If you've ever been deer hunting or heard of stories where the hunter shot the deer but had to chase it for 200 or more yards even with a "good" hit or, been in or seen a car wreck that looked like the people should have been killed but they are out walking around waiting on the ambulance. This shows that the body can withstand a lot of force before it will stop. This can pose a problem in stopping an attacker sometimes especially when they are "hopped" up.

     There are 3 places on the human body that we can shoot an attacker that will mechanically take out an attacker fast enough to stop the attack before they do us harm. Simply shooting them in the heart or lungs won't stop them fast enough to keep them from doing you harm. Shooting these places will eventually stop them but they will still be able to attack you until their body simply gives out. Even after being shot a knife wielding attacker can stab you 12-28 times before bleeding out.

     The head is one of the places on the human body that will stop the attacker as soon as it is hit. However, the head is bobbing and moving side to side so much it makes this an almost impossible shot for most on a still target much less in this type of situation. I don't suggest a head shot unless you're at point blank range and this is your last resort shot.

     The next 2 places are the spine and hips. If you strike either of these places the attacker will fall to the ground. This is what we are looking for to stop the attack. The spine is in the center of the body looking straight at the attacker and goes from the chin to the hips. We suggest shooting the center of mass, the sternum because the spine is straight to the back and go down with your shots until the attacker stops. Keep in the center and you can basically follow the spine all the way down. You will find yourself at the attackers hips and will find that if they have a bullet proof vest on you'll be below it at this point being able to take them down even with protective armor most of the time.

     We suggest this way of shooting for several reasons. One, it gives the best chance of actually stopping the attacker and two, it's the largest portions of the body making it harder to miss the attacker. Do remember that once the attacker stops you must stop shooting, whether it is the attacker falling to the ground and unable to attack or simply running away.

     Stay Safe, Stay Armed. 

Caliber debate

Posted on July 22, 2015 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (96)
     Within the firearms world there is the great caliber debate between everybody. This becomes especially true with instructors and then their students say "well, my instructor said"...

     I'm going to try to alleviate some of the myths and then bring it all into reality for your average everyday person who is carrying the firearm just in case. Just in case is what we are all getting our CWPs for. For that instance that we might be violently attacked and we'll have our firearm to defend against that attack. 

     There are some instructors that will tell you that it must be a 9mm or higher to do any good. They're not taking certain things into consideration though.

     In my virtual world I would have everybody carrying full sized .357 sigs with 20 round mags that are laser guided and exploding on impact so that it would only take 1 shot and the threat would be not only ended from attacking you, but ever attacking anybody else as well. But... I have to face reality.

     When I'm helping others choose a gun for concealed carry there are a few things to consider. If I have the average person that can carry a mid-sized gun most of the time I start them with a mid-sized 9mm and go from there. However there are things I must ask myself and the person. I'm not going to hand a weak 80 year old woman with arthritis a mid-sized 9mm.  

Some things to consider.

Who is using the gun? 
Is it an elderly person that has arthritis or is weaker than most? 
Typically the older we get the weaker we get and we tend to have more medical problems.

Is it a disabled person? 
This person may be weak or crippled which may make it hard to handle the recoil or just using the gun period.
Is it a person who can't handle the recoil of a 9mm or higher in a micro gun?
Maybe you have a person that can handle the mid-sized 9mm but can't handle the smaller 9mm well enough.

     There are more and more people of all ages and ranges getting their CWP's. It's not limited to your mid-30's-40's males anymore. You have many women and elderly getting their CWP's and arming themselves against the ever growing evil in the world around us. This changes the way us as instructors teach and handle the average person.

How do they dress the most?
Do they dress in a way that they have to carry a micro gun?
They may wear clothes that limit them to the small guns that they can't handle in a 9mm or better.

Do they wear dresses mostly that limits gun size?
Holsters have come a long way but they still aren't the best when it comes to women and dresses. Women have options with dresses but most limit them on gun size.

Shorts and t-shirt?
Tight clothes?

     With the many different lifestyles of dress there are and these people are getting their CWP's that aren't going to change their dress but will carry something that fits to their dress. We all have a right to defend ourselves with a firearm and we must not limit it to the typical tactical dressed male anymore. We have to step back, adapt, and overcome. 

Who all will have access to the gun in an emergency situation?
Are you the only person that's going to have access to the gun for self defense?
Maybe you went out and bought that nice micro 9mm that you can use effectively but your wife and kids can't and it will be accessible to them in certain situations. If the gun is going to be used by others make sure to get one they can use as well. It does no good for you to have a 357 in the house for everybody to use in an emergency if they can't use it effectively. 

     We have to consider who all will have access in an defensive situation. With more and more home invasions happening we can't think that the one person who uses the gun most will be there at the time someone decides to invade your house. We must keep the others in consideration as well. 

How much are they going to actually train?
How much are you really going to train with your concealed carry firearm?
I get a lot of people come through that can pass qualification on paper with the gun they brought and could get to the point they need to be with more training but...

I even have military guys come through that could be great with training but are only OK because they don't train with their handguns. 

I have people come in stating they haven't shot their handgun in 10 years. They pass the qualification but from what I'm seeing would be better off with a smaller caliber. For 1 they can handle it better, and 2 they're not going to shoot it for another 10 years.

Another aspect is that punching paper on a stand still range isn't real life training. We have to take all this into consideration before being so closed minded that we stick to 1 caliber, 1 gun, and 1 way of defense.

     As much as I like to think that all my students go to the range or dry fire their gun getting hours of practice weekly I know it just doesn't happen. We get so caught up in our daily lives we seldom if ever set time aside for practice. It's bad we don't because it's the one thing that could save our life.

     It's easy for me as an instructor to sit back and harp on practice, practice, practice because it's what I do. I get more practice helping people than most will ever get. I can watch people habits and natural reactions and help them adapt and overcome obstacles that they may not see or don't know how to avoid.  

Here is a chart that covers a 10 year study of defensive use of handguns.

     If you'll look over the chart you'll see that all calibers will do it's job with good shot placement. You'll see the .22 actually beats the larger calibers out in some categories. Why? Well, most of it has to do with how well the person using it can control it and have good shot placement. 

     There's so much more to choosing a gun for concealed carry we must consider before choosing a gun in any caliber. As an instructor I must step back and realize not everybody can/will train as much or not everybody has the same capabilities. I must understand that many aspects effect handgun size/caliber choice. 

     If I'm so hardcore towards a 9mm or better and that person just can't handle it, it does them no good. I have to make sure I'm arming them with the best chance I can against an attacker and larger caliber doesn't always cut it. 

Stay Safe, Stay Armed

Handgun Caliber Myths and Misconceptions

Posted on July 17, 2015 at 12:38 PM Comments comments (0)
Handgun Caliber myths and misconceptions

There are so many myths and misconceptions about handgun caliber and stopping power. In the video below I go over several of these.

Crossbreed Appendix Holster

Posted on July 1, 2015 at 11:32 AM Comments comments (98)
This is a video review of the Crossbreed appendix holster.

They make these for both semi-auto and revolvers.

Corrective Shooting Targets

Posted on July 1, 2015 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (165)
We are all looking for ways to enhance our training to make us a better marksman, or we should be anyway. There are so many different tools at our disposal it gets hard to choose from at times. These tools range from free to thousands of dollars. 

We train or target practice and either get bored or frustrated with it because we aren't getting the results that we're looking for so we either quit or go out looking for another gun, etc. I will say that a LOT of people go out and buy a gun because it looks cool or it's what everybody else recommends and it may not be right for them. 

Whether it's too much caliber or recoil or the gun is just too small to control when first starting to shoot it, there are tools we have that we can use to become better marksmen with them.

Not to take away from the more expensive training aids available to us that have there place in training and do help tremendously there are free or almost free tools as well. We use corrective shooting targets to help aid in our training. They make both left and right handed targets and we suggest everybody use both and practice with your weak and dominant hands, two handed and single handed. You never know when you might be attacked and your dominant hand is taken out. Below are photos of the targets.

As you can see with these targets they actually show you what you're doing wrong so you don't have to guess and just get frustrated in the process. I have been using these targets for about 10 years now and they helped me and have helped my students tremendously over the years. 

We give them out to our students and they can take them and make copies of them so the only cost is the cost to copy them. 

I suggest starting at 5 yards until you're able to shoot out the center triangle and then move back a couple large steps, do the same and move back, etc. This will build your marksmanship up to the point you're comfortable and confident with it to defend yourself.

Our targets also have the survival 5's drill on them. The survival 5's gets you to the confident point to defend yourself in an attack. Place your target at 5 yards, holster your gun with 5 rounds. Having someone time you or download a free shot timer, draw and fire 5 rounds at the target aiming at the center. If you can put all 5 shots within the 5" circle marked on the target within 5 seconds at 5 yards you should feel confident enough to defend yourself in an attack. 

This is the typical overall rule of thumb most firearms trainers go by. This drill has helped my students and myself tremendously over the years. It will build your point shooting, draw speed, shot placement, and confidence in being able to defend yourself very quickly. 

Stay Safe, Stay Armed. 

Ituck Appendix holster

Posted on July 1, 2015 at 10:18 AM Comments comments (109)
Here is a short video review of the Tuff Products Ituck Appendix holster.

This holster will fit both semi-auto and revolvers.